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Garden Overview

It was time… time to show everyone what I am personally working on at my own house. It is great to be able to blog about homesteading, survival and emergency situations, but even better to be able to show you what my personal garden looks like.


This is my home, the place I leave from and go to everyday. My garden is not my business: I don’t make money form it (although I wish I could). Working in the garden, producing vegetables, feeding my family and giving out home grown vegetables to friends = more than money.


As you watch this video you will see the beginning, or let’s say the aftermath of changing, changing and again changing my garden and the design.  I cannot tell you how many times I have moved a raised bed or a fence or decided to add another bed but then realized it was not in the optimal spot.

We eat what we grow

We eat what we grow. The main staples we grow are tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, beans and peas.  This year I am going to venture off and try melons. Never had any luck but this might be my year.


With my tomatoes I generally only purchase indeterminate varieties. These are vining tomato plants. Specifically, they should be pruned to grow on a single leader with its suckers removed. If you let the suckers grow too big you will need scissors or a knife to remove them. If you are diligent with them while they are small you can easily pinch them off.  I use an overhead truss or cable system with an attached line for the tomatoes to grow up.  You can see the system in my video.

As you will hear this system was originally based on the Mittleider Method. This gardening method was created by Dr. Jacob R. Mittleider, international agricultural consultant. Mittleider Method of gardening allows vegetables and other crops to grow in almost any soil, in almost any climate, and virtually at any elevation.   I have modified the system to work for me but try to stick with the general guidelines.

This year with my fruit trees I have put extra time in to pruning. Now I might have pruned a bit too much, but I am hoping they will produce this year. If not, they will be great producers for next year.  Always having a fungus issue, I am keeping up with the spraying and monitoring the condition of the leaves and branches

Please ask any questions and leave feedback about what you see.  I hope you enjoy the video and that it helps you in your own garden.